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Rack Manifolds

Systems Engineering works with all animal cage suppliers to provide automated animal watering. Our manifolds are manufactured to exact measurements to allow for a precise fit onto the suppliers’ equipment.



Racks can be fitted with valves that are fixed to the rack, removable from the rack, or mounted inside the cage.


By having the valves removable from the rack, you have the ability to sanitize them easily and more often.


Be sure to ask for Systems Engineering manifolds and valves on your next equipment purchase. We can also add manifolds to existing water bottle systems.

Rack Manifold Detail.tif.png

Ask for our manifolds and valves by name on all of our OEM partners. We have manifolds that will fit all of the following:

  • Allentown

  • Alternative Design

  • Animal Care Systems

  • Britz

  • Innovive

  • Lab Products

  • Lenderking

  • LGL

  • Suburban Surgical

  • Tecniplast

  • Thoren

  • Orient Group

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