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Disaster Planning

Napa Nectar - Gel Watering

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Napa Nectar

Keeping a supply on hand for use as a disaster plan is a very good option. With a 2 year shelf life you have a great water source in your stockpile to be used if required. Discounts available on pallet quantities. Contact us for information and a quote today.

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Pallet Quantities Available

  • Receive a discount for pallet quantities

  • 70 boxes per pallet (4 ounce or 8 ounce)

    • One week of watering for up to 10,500 mice per pallet​

  • 2 year shelf life (non-refrigerated)​

Gravity watering solutions

5 gallon carboy.jpg

The perfect solution to provide water to your animal holding racks  

  • Use for disaster planning  

  • Use for medication  

  • 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon sizes  

  • No animal training needed  

  • No filling water bottles  

Gravity Fed Option for your L-2000 drinkers

All of our L-2000 valves work at such a large range of pressures, you can use them with a simple container on top of your animal housing units. We can also equip your non-SE valve racks with new low pressure valves that will work with these water containers. Contact us for information and a quote today.

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