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Facility Water Distribution

Water Distribution though your animal facilities is a very important decision and we are here to help you with that decision.

Basis of the Design

Starting with the equipment center, we only use high quality parts that perform on a daily basis without the need to worry about replacements or repairs. We design our systems to be user friendly and easy to maintain. We pride ourselves on never considering a product obsolete, and we will continue to maintain and help with service items for the life of the product. By continuously recirculating the water through your system we guarantee the quality, and PH, of the water from the start of the system to the end of the system without fluctuations.


Typical Equipment Center

The equipment center typically consists of a reverse osmosis (RO) unit, storage tank, pumps, chemical injector, and ultraviolet (UV) sanitization cabinet. The water is distributed thoughout the vivarium through stainless steel tubing or a combination of CPVC and PVC pipe and stainless steel. We strive to design systems that are utilize the water in the most responsible way possible. We work to keep from flushing water down the drain

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