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From the Bedding Resistant L-2000™ to the 320º F rated L-3200™

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Days without a flood:


One of the key components of automated watering

is a reliable drinking valve that will operate consistently,

assuring your animals have access to fresh water without

flooding the cage.  We led the industry in 1989 with the

introduction of the first cage mounted drinking valve located

inside Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC).


The L-2000™ Valve has changed the industries perspective on automation and how to cost effectively deliver animal drinking water directly inside IVC caging systems.  It’s key design feature is the bedding resistant characteristics and the ability to sanitize and autoclave the valve with the cage up to 272º F. As an option, valves can be mounted to the rack manifold with our Easy Quick-Disconnect which allows convenient removal of valves for cleaning and sterilization. No other valve can match the design and performance of this valve.  The L-2000™ valve is precision manufactured of 316 stainless steel with an operating range of 0.5 to 5 psi.

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"Reliability, performance and sustainability..."

When using the L-2000™ Valve, customers reported the reduction of wet or flooded cages down to 1 in 300,000 cage days as compared to other drinking valves. This has also enhanced the overall performance of the ventilated IVC caging  systems with lower humidity and ammonia levels inside the cage.


Our Rack Manifolds are available on all cage manufacturers systems.  Be sure to specify our system when ordering your animal caging and rack systems. No other valve has achieved our level of reliability, performance and sustainability when used inside IVC caging systems.

Cage Mounted Valves

SP-5750™Valve Retrofit

Trade up to the Most Reliable Valve

If you are having valve leak problems with other manufactured

valves, please contact us and learn more about our

L-2000™ Valve Retrofit Program for your rack watering system.

Rack Mounted Valves

•  L-2000 Bedding resistant valve design

•  Rigid disk shield deflects debris

•  300,000 cage days without a leak

•  Withstands autoclaving

•  316 Stainless steel

•  Consistent activation at .5 to 20 psi

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