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What are customers say about our systems:

How reliable is the ReCIRC™ system?

Gary Keller, DVM
Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

"We get quick service and incredibly reliable equipment.....there's nothing to go wrong, there is a back up system to switch pumps if it fails.... we have cultured our water and found no growth in ten's simple, reliable and effective....When systems are simple you don't have problems....when systems get very technical and you have solenoid valves going on and off, obviously they are going to wear out because they move, that's when you are going to run into problem....Simplicity that works and is reliable, that is the key for me."

What are our customers experiencing with the L-2000 valve?

Dr. Brian Gordon, DVM
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"In this system that we have establish, flooding is almost a non entity.....This automatic watering system is much more superior than water bottles ...Water bottles will cost you several FTE's and provide less of a quality product to the animal ..... With this system we culture the water and do counts and it is continuously clean water."

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